KOSMOS Conscious Monitoring System

Kingsway’s new Conscious Monitoring System allows you to see everything.

Following extensive research and consultation with partner Trusts Kosmos by Kingsway Group heralds a new generation of monitoring system to allow both Clinical & Management teams to be able to fully monitor and increase patient safety within Mental Health wards.

With what can often be a challenging environment it has became increasingly clear the need to be able to further reduce risk of ligature attempts by developing technology to support a safer environment.

See everything

See everything

Kosmos by Kingsway Group is a user friendly system which allows the user to fully monitor, audit and report on door related ligature issues.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated

The Kosmos monitoring system can be used exclusively with the Sentry complete door system and comes with the additional benefit of both Kingsway Group and the partner being able to review the data.  This allows us to be able to better support you with management data, highlight key trends around particular bedroom activations, key times of day and alarm system failures.

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Key Features

  • Full visibility of the door-alarm operational status using a live red, amber and green Traffic Light system
  • Provide a bedroom corridor floorplan providing the exact location of where an incident has occurred 
  • A full audit trail of each time a door is opened or closed
  • An event log of all alarm and fault activations
  • Provide a door alarm annunciation (audible and visual) integrated with the staff attack alarm systems to give one centralised, easy-to-use platform.
  • Patient tampering with the door edge is picked up ahead of full alarm activation giving ‘early-warning’ of a ligature attempt
  • A reminder to users on testing the alarm system to ensure patient safety

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