Meet Ashley Richards Head of Installation Kingsway Group

What attracted you to the role at Kingsway?

On a personal level the new role offered me a fantastic opportunity to push my comfort zone and really test myself, using my skill set and experience to bring my theories of installation management to a new environment.

What are your hopes for the role and what are you looking to achieve?

Huge hopes, put simply to create an unrivalled installation service for our partners.  I firmly believe there is a need and desire for us to offer installation of our products and this will become our standard.  There will be learnings along the way but we are focused on achieving excellent service every time.

How have you found your first month and what insight have you found valuable from meeting some of our partners?

Immersing myself into a previously unknown sector of Mental Health for me has been quite sobering, ultimately the end user of a Kingsway door is a person with a genuine need for protection and care.  From meeting our partners it is reassuring to see the commitment of so many dedicated professionals helping those using their services.

 Tell us a little bit about your background and experience?

The son of a builder I followed a traditional joinery apprenticeship from the days before power tools!  I carved out a career of Installation Management taking me from private schools to bespoke kitchens, high-end motor homes, one-off property developments through to my most recent role of 9 years as Head of Operations for a leading manufacturer and installer of wine cellars.

Working within a Mental Health environment is a polar opposite, however the principals are similar for establishing an outstanding installation service.  Success should be focused on delivering the best outcome for our partners, whilst keeping a watch on the welfare of our colleagues - it's a difficult balancing act but extremely rewarding once achieved!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Hobbies are based around enjoying myself with friends and family.  Motorsport, water sports, beaches, walking and cycling.  It's important to me to put back into relationships which would otherwise suffer due to the busy lives we all lead.

In short, I'm a surf loving, petrol headed, family man.  Anything with an engine, wheels or on the water interests me.  I've built homes, currently building a car, however by far my proudest achievement is being a farther to my amazing daughter. 

July 14th 2022Posted by Mark Childs

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