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We exist to push limits, challenge thinking, innovate, and do what it takes to move safety and design in Mental Health environments to the next level. By exploring client insights, we are able to leap-frog to new ways of thinking that support smarter ways of operating and deliver excellence in care.


Products for People Who Care

Kingsway create products for the most demanding healthcare environments for people who care. This means we listen to our clients very specific needs and use our considerable experience to deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations. Be it complete door system, secure vision panel or anti-ligature door hardware, every Kingsway product is design-led and customer driven.

Ligature Disclaimer
The Company does not offer any Goods for sale which are incapable of application of a ligature. The anti-ligature design characteristics of Goods are consistent with the state of technology for such products. The Goods have been tested to ensure that they resist ligature attachment but no claims are made as to the efficacy of the Goods in prevention of ligature and they are not represented as being “ligature-proof”. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to adequately assess the risk to those persons in its care and anti-ligature Goods are not intended to replace or substitute either the need for qualified and proper supervision of those who may be at risk, or for other necessary protective measures to be taken to protect such persons. The Company will not be liable for any claims arising from ligature attachment onto Goods it has supplied. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to ensure that Goods purchased are installed and maintained properly and are suitable for the environments they are fitted in.

Kingsway Group | About Us
Kingsway Group | About Us

Innovative Design Collaboration

Our ethos of innovative design collaboration ensures we bring products for people who care, satisfying every need, and are certified, tested and proven to our offering. Our products are designed to work in mental health environments around the globe after being designed and crafted by professionals.

Our unique 3 step project delivery philosophy of 'Design, Define and Deliver' means that the key project stakeholders are engaged and consulted through the process based on our vast experience of completed projects and current best practise.  As thought leaders in behavioural healthcare environments we strive to push our best to something better.

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